Inventive Arizona security tailored just for you

Volta Systems provides custom security systems for your home and business.

Residential security

Residential intrusion alerts

Intrusion Alerts

Keep a close eye on all of your system’s activity, including who’s entering and exiting your home.

Residential closed circuit TV monitoring

Closed Circuit TV Monitoring

Watch a live feed of what’s happening 24/7 around every door and corner.

Residential home automation

Home Automation

Control lights, locks, alarms, and more from anywhere around the world.

Residential system integration

System Integration

Unify all of your security systems so they work together to keep your home and family safe.

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Commercial security

Commercial fire detection

Fire Detection

Be alerted immediately to dangerous smoke or flames, and trigger a call to rescue services if needed.

Commercial intrusion alerts

Intrusion Alerts

Get notified via siren, phone call, or text when someone unexpectedly enters your property.

Commercial access monitoring

Access Monitoring

Track who is coming and going so your employees and assets are safe at all times.

Commercial video surveillance

Video Surveillance

See the action for yourself with our sophisticated surveillance systems.

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Volta Systems, located in Arizona

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At Volta, there are no “typical” and “standard” packages. All of our services are specially tailored to solve your specific security challenges. Volta has been locally owned and operated for over 40 years, with a relentless dedication to inventing better security options, building relationships with our customers, and always doing the right thing. Whether you’re looking for a simple alarm system or an advanced security system with all the bells and whistles, you can count on us to make it happen.

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